Infrastructural Projects

Wonderland Preschool

Tride Group plans to implement a new infrastructure project and build a modern-standard bursary school to make the living environment in the Dighomi Park more comfortable. The nursery school for 150 children started functioning on the 1st october, 2016. For further information, please contact the nursery school administration

  • Phone: 599 05 07 08
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House Market

Our objective and aspiration is to provide maximum comfort and pleasant environment for our clients.
To this end, in December 2014 we unveiled House Market, a domestic brand, on the first floor of the building B in our complex.
The supermarket is located on 750 square meter space and trades in thousands of various products. Our clients are able to buy food products and family appliances, confectionaries and finished products there.
Customers can aslo use the cafe that is located in the market.

  • Phone: 595 02 03 23

Major Plan